Forest Glen Preserve

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Dedicated on October 12, 1968

1900 Acres located 7 miles east of Westville, Illinois

Why is Forest Glen significant?

  • Beech-Maple Forest indicative of the forests of the eastern US
  • 220 different species of birds documented
  • Ranked #3 botanically in the State of Illinois
  • Contains several threatened and endangered species
  • Geology and coal mine history

Special Features of Forest Glen

  • Contains 4 dedicated Illinois Nature Preserves
Forest Glen Observation Tower

Observation Tower at Forest Glen

  • 72-foot tall observation tower; one of only four of its kind in Illinois
  • Quarter mile paved Beech Grove Trail; ADA accessible
  • Sycamore Hollow Education Campus
  • Tree Research Area
  • Michael G. Reddy Arboretum
  • Doris L. Westfall Prairie
  • Pioneer Homestead for historical interpretation and special events
  • Maple Syrup Production site; one of the top five maple syrup producers in Illinois

  • River Ridge Backpack Trail; an 11-mile easy-to-rugged hiking trail
  • River Ridge Backpack Trail; an 11 mile easy to rugged hiking trail
  • Campgrounds include Family Campground, Ti-Pi Campgrounds, Tent Campgrounds, Group Campgrounds, back-pack trail camping, and a canoe-base camp along the Vermilion River
  • Busby-Meyer Wildlife Area; prairie restoraton area

VCCFoundation Projects
at Forest Glen Preserve

  • Maple Grove Modernization Project