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Ken Konsis modified

Ken Konsis-has been full time with the District since December of 1974. Besides leading the District for the past 24 years, Ken has been very active in other organizations, especially the Walnut Council International, where he served as National President in 1999 and was the coordinator of two national meetings, one hosted by the VCCD and the other was based in Champaign, but had field trips locally. He has served over 20 years as president and also as treasurer of the Illinois Walnut Council. He has also served six terms as president of the Illinois Association of Conservation Districts; past president and current treasurer of the Forest Glen Chapter of the Illinois Native Plant Society; and current president of the Lake Vermilion Water Quality Coalition.

Ken has been named as an Outstanding Young Man in America (although not young anymore!), Professional Conservationist of the Year Award, the Black Walnut Achievement Award, from Walnut Council International and the Leadership Award from the Vermilion County Agriculture and Natural Resources Council. Hobbies include gardening, photography, traveling, decorating for the holidays, reading, and collecting Green Bay Packer memorabilia.

Ken and his wife, Lorna, still reside in their “starter” home in Westville with their two house cats, two outside cats, and any other cat that happens by.


VCCF Recording Secretary
VCCD Administration Secretary

Amy Steeples-January 2, 1997



VCCD Staff
listed by seniority

Larry Gilliland-June 1, 1970

Charles Rhoden-July 26, 1974

Gary Wilford-January 2, 1975

Jeff Lete-October 6, 1983

Susan Biggs Warner-August 22, 1985

Mike Kotcher-July 29, 1990

Kim Fox-June 5, 1995

Amy Steeples-January 2, 1997

Jamie Pasquale-January 21, 1998

Lara Darling-September 8, 1998

Jeff Howard-July 4, 2001

Gary Tyrl-April 1, 2014

Cole Craft-June 1,2016

Part Time Staff

Ron Howard

Pete Jenkins

Ron Kerst

Lorna Konsis

Mollie Pletch

Craig Riggen

Jim Rienbolt

Jonathan Rogers

Gregg Sacotnik

Steve Sliva

Maggie Yaden